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Statewide competitions are considered the state championships in those sports. All athletes must have completed a season-long training program, met delegation, Area, and State training requirements, and competed in either Area or Regional competitions to advance to state competition.

Summer Games:
The Summer Games is held at the University of Hawaii over Memorial Day weekend. This event features 3 days of competition for more 700 athletes in Track & Field (Athletics), Swimming (Aquatics), Powerlifting, and Softball (includes Unified® Softball, Coach Pitch, T-Ball, and Individual Skills). The Summer Games marks the end of the Spring season. Over 1,500 volunteers are needed.

The Aukake Classic:
The Aukake Classic is held on the third weekend in August at Waiau District Park in Pearl City. Competition included 5-a-side Traditional and Unified Soccer tournaments, Individual Skills Soccer and Traditional and Unified® Bocce Doubles competition. The Aukake Classic marks the end of the Summer season. Thank you to hundreds of volunteers who assist at this event.

The Holiday Classic:
The Holiday Classic is held in December at both Hickam Air Force Base and the Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base. This event includes a multi-division 3 day Basketball tournament and Individual Skills Competition, Singles, Doubles and Unified® Team Bowling competitions, and traditional and Unified® Doubles Bocce tournaments. The Holiday Classic marks the end of the Fall season.

Regional Competitions:
Regional Competitions also offers numerous regional (multi-Area) competitions. Neighbor Island Regional Competitions, open to athletes from the Big Island, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Kauai, are partially funded by the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation. They include a Swim Meet in Maui, Softball Tournament in Maui, a Basketball Tournament in Hilo, and a Powerlifting competition in Kona.

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