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Powerlifters Reign at State Summer Games!!!

Big Island Special Olympics Athletes competed at the Special Olympics State Summer Games at the University of Hawaii June 3rd and 4th. Special Olympics Athletes from around the State competed in Swimming, Track & Field, Unified Softball, Powerlifting and Individual Softball Skills. Here are the results from the Powerlifters.

The West Hawaii delegation consisted of 6 Special Olympics Athletes, and they racked up a lot of hardware!!!
9 gold medals, 9 silver medals, 3 Bronze and 2 participation ribbons.

Waimea delegation Athletes:
Kalei Lee with a Squat of 85, Bench 75 and Deadlift 125, Combo points of 285.
Kalei brought home 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze.

Nancyn Honma with a Squat of 80, Bench 85 and Deadlift 135, Combo points of 300.
Nancyn brought home 2 Golds & 2 Silvers

Preston Buckley with a Bench 50 and Deadlift 95, Combo points of 145.
Preston brought home 1 Gold, 1Silver and 1 Bronze

Kona delegation Athletes:
Dara Sabri with a Deadlift 150 pounds, and Combo points of 150.
Dara brought home 2 participation ribbons, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze

Shawn Lehano with a Squat of 105, Bench 115 and Deadlift 115, Combo points of 335.
Shawn brought home 1 Gold and 3 Silvers

*Isaiah Wong with a Squat of 425, Bench 250 and Deadlift 500, Combo points 1,175.
Isaiah brought home 4 Gold’s

*Isaiah Wong was the Grand Champion with the biggest lifts of the State competition.
Every one of Isaiah’s lifts was a personal best for him.

Coaching staff:
Waimea delegation coaches Matthew Mills head coach, Suzette Mills assistant coach.

Kona delegation Denise Lindsey head coach, assistant coaches Jehromy Otterman,
Nani Lehano and Kit Kurtz.

Waimea lifters train at Crossfit Allstars Waimea.
Kona Lifters train at The Club in Kona and IMUA IRON. Mahalo to KC Stallsmith, Jeff Lee and Darren Elisaga for your kindness and open arms during our training season.

(picture insert from Left to Right)
Kalei Lee, Dara Sabri, Preston Buckley, Isaiah Wong, Nancyn Honma and
Shawn Lehano.


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